Unlike other user facilities, OCF does not just sell instrument time, since it does not have "instruments". Instead of several commercial, specialized spectrometers, we have a set of building blocks that can be arranged to suit a user's application. This approach proved to be very flexible and efficient. It enables one to create spectroscopic setups with unique capabilities which are not available in commercial instruments. Modular design allows to reduce the cost of research by using the same pieces of equipment in different experimental configurations. Also, designing and setting up experiments, students earn a practical knowledge of spectroscopy.
  • OCF has several setups available for users immediately. The list of available experiments is determined from users demand and ability to switch easily between concurrent experiments. See the page "Current experiments" for the list of available setups. If the required experiment is available, sign up for the instrument time or training session.
  • If the required configuration of experiment is not available, contact OCF coordinator. Setups for many spectroscopic techniques had been developed in OCF and can be reproduced quickly. If your experiment has never been set up at OCF, we will design it. Or you can use OCF equipment to set the experiment yourself.
  • You want to measure something, but do not know how or you need an advice about lasers, optics, spectroscopy, photophysics. This is the most difficult case. Stop at OCF, chat with us, we will try to help you. We can prepare seminar talks and presentations for your research group about applications of the optical spectroscopy.

Virtually any researcher can utilize the OCF. However, you need to have an appropriate laser safety training. The level of the training depends on degree of your involvement in the laser lab work. Also, you have to pay according the recharge rates. These funds will be used to compensate the maintenance and repair costs. You may need to purchase parts essential for your experiment, if they are not available at OCF.

E-mail: mikhailovsky@chem.ucsb.edu | Phone: (805) 893-2327