Recharge rates are determined according to the type of laser system used in experiments and OCF personnel involvement. Recharges are used to offset the cost of equipment repairs and maintenance, and pay a part of the staff salary.

Current Equipment Rates (FY2022-23)

(price per hour)

Coherent Astrella (amplified femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser) $33.94
Spectraphysics Tsunami (femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillator) $27.28
Spectraphysics Beamlock 2060 (Ar-ion laser) $20.99
Photon etc. hyperimaging microscope   $31.53
JY Horiba Labram-Aramis Raman microscope    $37.87
PTI VIS/NIR fluorimeter    $22.78
KProbe Kelvin Probe setup    $28.93
Large area solar simulator and JV tracer    $22.72
PVMeasure Vis-NIR External Quantum Efficiency Spectrometer    $23.15
JASCO-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter    $23.62
Hamamatsu InP/InGaAs NIR streak camera detector    $22.65
PhotoCELIV Fab    $21.65

Current OCF Staff Labor Rate (FY2022-23)

(price per hour)

OCF Staff Labor Rate $88.23
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These rates are valid for UC Santa Barbara campus users (recharges have to be paid from accounts associated with UCSB departments). Out-of-campus users are subject to 55% additional surcharge both for the equipment use and the staff labor to cover the overhead.

Discounts may be available for time-consuming experiments. Credits against the equipment use recharges may be applied if users donate equipment to OCF. Please contact OCF coordinator to get additional information.

Note to users: Before starting actual experiments, please contact the OCF coordinator to estimate the cost of work and your PI to get an approval for charging your account.

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