This list includes only major pieces of equipment available at OCF. It is not complete, some items will be added later. Also, we have a lot of general purpose and application-specific optics: mirrors, lenses, filters, polarizers, and optomechanical hardware. Labview drivers provided by manufacturers or developed in-house are available for the most of instruments with computer interface. Complete Labview routines have been developed for the standard experiments as well. If the capability you need is not listed here, please contact OCF staff. We can develop the experiment for you, customize the existing instrument, or refer you to another facility. 

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Laser equipment
Commercial Analytical Instruments
Commercial Photovoltaics and Materials Characterization Tools
In-House Developed Instrumentation

Laser equipment

 Coherent Astrella

Chirped pulse single box, low maintenance Ti:Sapphire amplifier

  • Output wavelength 800 nm
  • Pulsewidth = 120 fs
  • Repetition rate <5 kHz
  • Output pulse energy > 1mJ

 Spectraphysics Tsunami

Broadband tunable femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser

  • Wavelength range 690-960 nm
  • Pulsewidth = 120 fs
  • Repetition rate 80 MHz
  • Output pulse energy < 5nJ

 Spectraphysics Beamlok 2060-7

Ar-ion laser

  • Multiple emission wavelengths (351, 363, 457, 476, 488, 496, 515 nm)
  • High pointing stability of the beam is ensured by the Beamlock system
  • Good excitation source for the fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies

  Coherent OBIS

Semiconductor Solid State lasers

  • Multiple emission wavelengths (375, 457, 488, 515, 660, 808 nm)
  • Modern replacement for Ar-ion laser
  • Compact and portable
  • Good excitation source for PL spectroscopy

 Light conversion devices

Non-linear optical components for the light frequency conversion

  • Inrad Second and Third Harmonic generator for Tsunami laser
  • Light Conversions TOPAS Prime OPA and UVVISNIR Harmonic unit for Astrella laser
  • Supercontinuum Generator for Tsunami Laser 

Commercial Analytical Instruments

 Jasco J-1500 CD Spectrapolarimeter

High-end spactrapolarimeter for acquisition of CD and LD spectra

  • Standard (170-900 nm) and NIR (800-1600 nm) spectral ranges 
  • Temperature controlled cell holder (-20 - 120 C)
  • Automated titrator
  • Self-service spectroscopy lab, 24/7 access

 JY Horiba LabRAM Aramis confocal microscope

Confocal scanning Raman scattering microscope 

  • 633 and 785 nm lasers
  • Stage and galvanometer scanners
  • Short and long working distance lenses 
  • Capabilities for integration with external instrumentation 

 PTI Quantamaster Fluorimeter

Commercial fluorimeter for photo- and electroluminescence measurements

  • Visible (300 - 800 nm) and NIR (900-1700) detection systems
  • The system can be converted to electroluminescence detection mode 
  • Measurements in solid and liquid samples 

Commercial Photovoltaics and Materials Characterization Tools

 Photon etc, Hyperspectral Imaging Microscope

Microscope for global imaging applications

  • Global imaging of luminescence, light transmission, and reflection with micron resolution 
  • Imager ranger 400-1000 nm with 1 nm step
  • 532 and Nikon Intensilight for epiluminescence imaging
  • Keithley SMU for electroluminescence measurements
  • Extensive data analysis software

 PV Measurements External Quantum Efficiency Spectrometer

Visible and NIR EQE measurements in ambient atmosphere  

  • Seamless 380 - 1600 nm scanning range 
  • Light bias with external and internal light sources

 Newport Corporation Solar Simulator

Large area AAA class solar simulator

  • 4 x 4 inches AAA spot size 
  • Active light stabilization loop to maintain intensity fluctuations under 0.1%
  • Keithley SMU for the data collection 
  • Customizable, in-house developed software for the data collection

In-House Developed Instrumentation

 Time-Resolved Luminescence Spectroscopy

Determination of luminescence kinetics in the visible and NIR range with time scales 20 ps - 1000s

  • Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting: 300 -1000 nm detection range, 30 ps resolution, transient length  up to 5 us   
  • Photon Multiscaler Counter: 300 - 850 nm detection range, 3 ns resolution, transient length up to 1000 s
  • NIR streak camera: 1000 - 1600 detection range, 20 ps resolution, 1024 point transient, 1 ns - 1 s sweep length, multispectral detection. Coming soon! 
  • Large choice of excitation wavelengths generated by OCF ultrafast lasers 
  • Variable temperature measurements with LN2 cryostat
  • Measurements can be customized per customer request

 Pump-Probe Transient Absorption Spectrometer

Visible and NIR EQE transient absorption spectrometer  

  • Single-wavelength lock-in amplifier detection
  • 2 ns delay range with  sub-100 fs resolution 
  • Supercontinuum probe in the range 430-1400 nm
  • Large choice of excitation wavelengths generated by TOPAS Prime OPA with harmonics unit


Photo-generated Charges Extraction by Linearly Increasing Voltage

  • Characterization of charge transport properties of materials used in photovoltaic applications   
  • Large area transient illuminator.

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