This list includes only major pieces of equipment available at OCF. It is not complete, some items will be added later. Also, we have a lot of general purpose and application specific optics: mirrors, lenses, filters, polarizers, and optomechanical hardware. Labview drivers provided by manufacturer or developed in house are available for the most of instruments with computer interface. Complete Labview routines have been developed for the standard experiments as well. All equipment can be used in the OCF laboratories or can be borrowed on a limited basis.

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Non-linear crystals
Conventional Light Sources
Beam diagnostics tools
Signal processing instrumentation
Miscellaneous equipment


  • Spectraphysics Tsunami

    Broadband tunable femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser
    • Output wavelength 690-960 nm
    • Pulsewidth = 60 fs
    • Repetition rate 80 MHz
    • Maximum output power ~800 mW

  • Spectraphysics Spitfire

    Chirped pulse Ti:Sapphire amplifier
    • Output wavelength 750-900 nm
      (with optional optics sets)
    • Pulsewidth = 90 fs
    • Repetition rate 1 kHz
    • Output pulse energy > 1mJ

  • Spectraphysics Millenia-V

    Diode pumped all-solid state continuous wave YAG:Nd laser
    • Output power = 5 W
    • Emission wavelength 532 nm
    • Used for pumping Millenia, but may be used as a standalone laser

  • Spectraphysics Evolution-X

    Diode pumped all-solid state pulsed YAG:Nd laser
    • Output pulse energy 10 mJ (at 1 kHz repetition rate)
    • Emission wavelength 532 nm
    • Pulsewidth ~200 ns
    • Used for pumping Spitfire, but may be used as a standalone laser

  • Spectraphysics Beamlock 2060

    Ar-ion CW laser
    • Multiple emission wavelengths (351, 363, 457, 476, 488, 496, 515 nm)
    • High pointing stability of the beam is ensured by the Beamlock system
    • Good pump source for the fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies

Non-Linear Crystal

Using second harmonic generation in BBO crystals, output of the femtosecond lasers can be converted from IR to UV:
  • 345-435 nm using output of Tsunami (~ 200 mW at 400 nm)
  • 375-425 nm using output of Spitfire (~200 mJ/pulse at 400 nm)

    Output of Spitfire can be used for generation of the femtosecond white-light continuum
  • 2 nm crystalline sapphire plate pumped with 100 fs, 2 mJ pulse generates chirped continuum covering the range 430-700 nm

Conventional Light Sources
  • Ocean Optics LS-1 tungsten lamp with near-black body emission spectrum (color temperature 3100 K).

Beam Diagnostics Tools

  • Single Shot Pulse Autocorrelator

    Home-built instrument for measurements of the shape of femtosecond pulses
    • Temporal resolution ~10 fs

  • Ocean Optics Portable Spectrometer USB2000

    Palm-size portable spectrometer with USB computer interface for real-time spectral analysis
    • 2048 pixel single line CCD matrix
    • 600 g/mm diffraction grating with 800 nm blaze wavelength
    • Spectral resolution ~ 0.5 nm
    • SMA optical fiber connector
    • Working range 530-1100 nm

  • FGW Systems IR Viewer

    Handheld IR viewer for visualization of weak or invisible beams.
    • Sensitive to radiation with wavelengths shorter than 1500 nm

  • Newport 1815-C Optical Power Meter

    General purpose optical power meter with thermoelectric sensor.
    • Range of measurements 10 mW - 10 W


  • Hamamatsu R928 Photomultiplier Tube

    High sensitivity/low noise analog PMT for measurements of the low intensity light
    • Range of sensitivity 170-850 nm
    • Generic PMT for broadband low light measurements

  • Large area UV-enhanced Si photodiodes

    Large (diameter 1 cm) generic Si photodiodes with enhanced response in UV range. The best choice for high intensity and low repetition rate measurements.
    • Range of sensitivity 170-1000 nm

  • Fast Si photodiodes with built-in preamplifiers

    Fast preamplified Si-photodiodes are available in 100 MHz and 200 MHz versions. These are typically used with high repetition rate systems.
    • Range of sensitivity 170-1000 nm


  • Acton Research SP300i spectrometer

    Versatile, highly automated general purpose spectrometer
    • Cherny-Turner spectrometer with 30 cm focal length
    • 3 grating turret (2 gratings are currently installed: 150 g/mm 800 nm blaze and 600 g/mm 500 nm blaze)
    • Single channel detector and CCD port
    • RS232 and GPIB computer interfaces
  • Acton Research SP500 spectrometer

    Versatile, highly automated general purpose spectrometer. Good choice for simple Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy experiments.
    • Cherny-Turner spectrometer with 50 cm focal length
    • 3 grating turret
    • Single channel detector and CCD port
    • RS232 computer interfaces
    • Old Roper CCD camera

Signal Processing Instrumentation

  • Stanford Research Systems SR830 DSP Lock-in Amplifier

    Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based lock-in amplifier for the phase-sensitive signal detection. Ensures outstanding signal/noise ratio in measurements of low-level signals.
    • 1 mHz to 102 kHz frequency range
    • 100 dB dynamic reserve without pre-filtering (<5 ppm stability)
    • Time constants from 10 ms to 30 ks
    • Harmonic detection (2F, 3F, ..., nF)
    • GPIB computer interface
  • Stanford Research Systems SR570 Current Preamplifier

    Low-noise current preamplifier for photodetectors (PMT, photodiodes) with variable sensitivity, bandwidth, and input bias current.
    • 5 fA/ Hz input noise
    • 1 MHz maximum bandwidth
    • 1 pA/V maximum gain
    • Two configurable signal filters

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Newport ILS-200 Translation Stage

    High-precision computer controlled linear translation stage.
    • 200 mm travel range (1330 ps optical delay)
    • 1 positioning accuracy (6.67 fs delay accuracy)
    • GPIB computer interface
  • New Focus 5203 Optical Chopper

    Mechanical modulator for the laser beams. It is mostly used in the phase sensitive detection.
    • 4-6400 Hz chopping rate
    • Synchronization to external source (including harmonics and subharmonics of the external signal)
    • GPIB computer interface
  • Janis Research Inc. VPF-100 LN2 Cryostat

    Cold finger liquid nitrogen cryostat for optical measurements with PID temperature controller.
    • Temperature range 77 K - 373 K
    • Sample holder and large quartz windows allow easy optical access.
    • Temperature controller GPIB computer interface

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