General Provisions

Safety regulations for the Optical Characterization Facility (OCF) have changed signficantly due to the legal settlement between the University of California and Los Angeles District Attorney Office (aka UCLA settlement).

No chemical work is allowed at OCF

General lab and chemical safety rules at OCF are described in the facility Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) available online:

Laser safety is regulated by UCSB laser safety manual and  lab-specific laser safety addendum available online and on file at OCF:

 Safety Training Requirements

All users who enter research and teaching labs in the UCSB Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry must have completed appropriate general lab safety training classes. See OCF CHP Section I for details about required level of the general lab safety training.

Users working with OCF laser equipment (supervised and unsupervised) must satisfy laser safety training requirements.
  • For supervised operation that does not involve alignment and modification of lasers and experimental setups using lasers, reading UCSB laser safety manual and the lab-specific laser safety addendum and orientation by OCF staff is sufficient.
  • For unsupersvised facility use and experiments involving laser alignment and modification of laser-based experimental setups, one is required to take online laser safety  class offered by ESH through UCSB learning center, in addtion to studying UCSB laser safety manual and  the lab-specific laser safety 
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